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Composed by Steve Robson


African Dawn - A Chant with Responses

Buenos Airport - Yo've been Tango'd - A national dance

Carribbean Calypso - Afro Carribbean dance genre

Children of Chernigov - A Cossck Dance

Square Dance - What it says on the tin !!

What's the Matter-Horn? - A knee slapping Alpine Dance

Windmills of La Mancha - Inspired by literary genius

The Terracotta Army of Mount Li - Inspired by a unique discovery

Each set of music (available separately) from the Flexi-Collection World Tour Series comes with @world parts', easy option parts for Cornet, Horn and Baritone/Trombone/Euphonium, together with an optional Bb Bass part - ensuring you never have to turn away a brass player because of lack of music!


World Tour Series - The Flexi-Collection

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