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A free blowing top of the range student flute with pointed key arms.

Trevor James Privilege flutes are designed specifically to ensure your transition - or ‘step-up’ - from a blossoming student to an experienced intermediate player is as easy, smooth and enjoyable as it should be.


This TJ privilege flute features some open holed keys. Open hole flutes (or French Key Flutes) are often considered the choice of more proficient players, with many teachers suggesting that players of grade 6 standard or above invest in this type of instrument. Of course, there is no imperitive to play an open holed flute at a certain grade. Many professional players choose to play closed-hole instruments. 
However, an open hole design does offer a few benefits.
Firstly, it encourages better finger positioning, as you need to cover the holes exactly in order to get the ideal tone, and beginners - or smaller-handed players - will find this more challenging. 
Secondly, and more importantly, an open hole flute allows the confident player the opportunity to more precisely control their intonation, and experiment with more advanced techniques such as obtaining quarter notes. 

Privilege flutes feature 925 silver lip plates & risers to give you the benefit of having an immediate & free blowing sound, especially in the lower tonal range. Using this precious metal helps to open up the lower register and gives a huge advantage over other intermediate level flutes because it’s not only easier to play in general, but it’s actually easier to get a great tone too. Plus, the ‘925’ silver delivers a warmer sound and an extended range of tonal possibilities. 

Quick Spec:

Responsive headjoint design 
Hand over-cutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole
Heavy-weighted engraved crown as standard
Pointed key arm mechanism
Triple-plated finish
Hidden adjusting screws
925 silver lip and riser 
French style wooden case
Fleecy lined case cover with shoulder strap
White gauze cloth
Micro-fibre cleaning cloth
Owner Guide



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