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The Minstrel Boy, Flugel solo with Brass Band, Thomas Moore arr Phillip Tait


Flugel solo with Brass Band,


Playable by almost all bands.


A faithful arrangement by Phillip Tait which permits the soloist to exhibits their skills yet is within the reach of most players.


Listen to it (recorded on a mobile phone) to get an idea of its simplicity:-


The Minstrel Boy is an Irish song written by Thomas Moore (28 May 1779 25 February 1852) and published as part of his Irish Melodies. Moore himself became nicknamed The Minstrel Boy and that is the title of Leonard Strong’s 1937 biography of Moore.


The Irish Melodies were immensely popular in Ireland and Great Britain when they were published, reaching a diverse audience, and "The Minstrel Boy" was one of the most famous songs from that collection. After his death, large numbers of special editions of what were later re-titled Moore's Melodies were sold at premium prices, with lavish illustrations, expensive green leather bindings, and embossed images of shamrocks and golden harps.


At the funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in London on April 9, 2002, the Pipes and Drums of the Irish and Scottish Regiments played "The Minstrel Boy" during the procession from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey. The Queen Mother had a long association with the men of the Irish Regiment, and presented them with a shamrock every year on St Patrick's Day

The Minstrel Boy, Flugel with Brass Band

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