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The Jarrow Song, by Alan Price arr Brass Band Derek Broadbent


 Alan Price was born less than six years after the Jarrow Crusade, in County Durham about ten miles from Jarrow, and attended Jarrow Grammar School.


The Jarrow Crusade was a march by 200 men from the town of Jarrow to lobby Parliament in Westminster, a distance of some 280 miles, which they covered in 22 stages. The marchers left Jarrow October 5, 1936 and arrived at the Palace of Westminster on October 31. Its purpose was to highlight the collapse of industry on Tyneside at the height of the Great Depression. In addition to the valiant efforts of the marchers, some 90,000 people signed a petition, but although it generated enormous public support, the Jarrow Crusade had little effect on government policy. It was not until the Second World War that the slump in employment prospects ended in the shipbuilding industry, which at the time was the mainstay of the region.

The Jarrow Song, arr Brass Band Derek Broadbent

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