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The Closest Thing To Crazy, Flugel Horn solo with Brass Band, Mike Batt arr by Darrol Barry.

The debut single of Georgia-born singer Katie Melua.

The song is featured on her first studio album, Call Off the Search (2003). The song was written as part of the musical Men Who March Away', and appeared first in 1995 on Mike Batt's album Arabesque.

The single was originally due out in January 2004 but was released a month early in an attempt by Terry Wogan to make it that year's Christmas number one in the United Kingdom; it stalled at number 10 on the UK Singles Chart. However, owing to the success of the album reaching number one, the song climbed back into the top 20 during January and February and resulted in Melua's first nomination for the annual Record of the Year prize on ITV1. At the end of 2004, due to its longevity on the UK chart, the song came in at number 77 on the year-end chart, making it the lowest-charting song to finish within the top 100 for that year.

The Closest Thing To Crazy, Flugel & Brass Band

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