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Commissioned and composed for the staff and students of Blue Coat School, Oldham Duration 3'30" approx


The piece is a bright concert work that is lead by a drivingdrum kit part. As it was composed for the Blue Coat School I wanted to create a piece that was a musical connectionwith the school. Therefore, the piece is centred around the notes B and C and it has even been composed in B flat (concert) or C(transposed) pitch.


From the big impact the band punches out the 2-quaver note motif using the notes B and C. as the piecedevelops those musical notes are used throughout the various melody lines and rhythmic interjections. Soaring the Skies is bright and the music is very rhythmic, it has a driving rock drum part and the piece is heavily influenced by modern jazz and funk styles.


This piece is suitable as a concert 'opener' or regular concert work and has great energy and fun. I hope you enjoy performing "Soaring the Skies" - Paul Lovatt-Cooper September 20189.

Soaring the Skies

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