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Our highly developed trumpet mouthpieces are designed with the same principles and technique as all K&G designs. They offer stability, flexibility and equality in all registers. The K&G rim profile is applied in all designs and the result is optimum stamina, endurance, defined attacks with clean articulation and comfort with less pressure. There are two cup sizes for each trumpet mouthpiece rim diameter, thus enabling the player to benefit from all the different playing characteristics without any rim profile change, giving a settled embouchure.

The B Cup – The B Cup is a medium Cup providing a bright sound timbre with excellent projected compact sound throughout the range followed by optimum response and clarity. This mouthpiece offers a powerful centered sound with controlled edginess resembling the Mexican and Spanish latin sound. The high range is very straight and focused and extremely flexible throughout the range. The B cup is an excellent all round mouthpiece, making it the choice of many trumpet players for lead and big bands.

K&G Trumpet Mouthpiece 2B. 17 mm int rim dia, Mediun depth

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