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The JP261 RATH is a full double Bb/F French Horn designed and manufactured in collaboration with Michael Rath of Rath Trombones. Michael Rath is highly regarded for his trombone designs, but what is less well known is that he spent ten years working with Paxman’s making French Horns. Rath instruments are renowned for the build quality and high level of finish on their instruments and the JP263 RATH is no different. Featuring an exclusively designed Rath leadpipe, the JP261 RATH incorporates many other sophisticated Rath design elements and draws on Michael's collective experience at Paxman and at Rath creating custom instruments for some of the world's more demanding players. The JP261 RATH provides an instrument that is affordable to students but that deliver performance that challenges models many more times its price. 

The JP261 RATH is constructed from high grade 80:20 brass throughout and includes an exclusive Rath designed leadpipe. As you would expect from an instrument at this level, the JP261 RATH includes neoprene valve bumpers, a mechanical (ball & socket) linkage and bell ring. The JP261 RATH also includes an adjustable and reversible Bb/F lever for those who prefer the horn to stand in Bb rather than F.

The JP261 RATH is supplied with a JP mouthpiece as standard and comes equipped with a high quality case for maximum protection. The case is lightweight, well-designed and attractively styled with a comfortable shoulder strap included as standard. The case also includes a small external storage pocket enabling players to store small accessories and sheet music with their instrument.

JP261NDRath Bb/F Horn dble Detachable bell Nickel pl

  • Manufactured to a high quality standard as is expected with all JP Instruments, The JP261D RATH Bb/F French Horn is guaranteed for 12 months against faulty manufacturing or materials and is fully tested prior to sale.

    •Key: Bb/F
    •Bell: High grade 80:20 brass
    •Valves: Mechanical (Ball & Socket) linkage
    •Finishes: Lacquer, Nickel Plate
    •Additional features: Detachable bell, Exclusive Rath designed leadpipe, Fully compensating system, Neoprene valve bumpers, Bell ring, Adjustable and reversible Bb+F lever
    •Supplied with: JP Mouthpiece, Lightweight case, Ultra-Pure maintenance kit
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