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The JP245 Eb alto saxophone is ideal for beginners looking for an instrument to last or existing players wanting to source their own upgrade instrument at an affordable price. This saxophone is designed to take the player through the lower and into the upper grades.

There are many features on the JP245 that are present on professional models, a fully ribbed construction and double spine on B & C keys provides additional strength. An underslung octave mechanism also improves instrument reliability, whilst blue steel springs are rust resistant with better tension memory. The high grade 80:20 brass construction of the JP245 contributes towards a full sound and the ability greater projection. Italian leather pads create a great seal that translates into a fuller sound that is more responsive which lasts longer than conventional pads.

The instrument also features High F# and Front F keys and a floating plate design for the little finger (left hand) cluster, this aids faster movement once players have become proficient. An adjustable thumb rest allows a more natural and comfortable hand position to be achieved.

A sling ring also provides the opportunity to make the instrument even lighter with the use of the provided sling or harness.  The appearance of the JP245 has been enhanced with elaborate engraving and white pearl touch-pieces.

  • Model: JP245
  • Key: Eb
  • Material: Brass
  • Keywork: Gold Lacquer
  • Mechanism: Full Keywork
  • Finish: Gold Lacquer
  • Mouthpiece: JP
  • Lyre Box: Yes
  • Instrument Weight: 2.46Kg (5lb 6oz)


JP245 Alto Saxophone Eb Step up

  • Specifications
    •High grade 80:20 brass - For strength, durability and extra resonance
    •Underslung 8ve mechanism - For reliability
    •Floating plate design for little finger (LH) cluster - Aids fast movement
    •Full ribbed construction - To enhance appearance
    •Italian leather pads - More waterproof so more reliable
    •Blue steel springs - Rust resistant with better tension memory
    •Double spine on B & C - For strength and reliability
    •Resonator pads - For enhanced projection and tonal depth
    •Adjustable thumb rest - Increases playing comfort
    •Adjustable back stops - For easier adjustment and faster servicing
    •G#/Bb & F/F# independent adjustment - Adds strength, rigidness and reliability
    •Lyre box - For marching
    •Mechanism includes: High F#, Front F
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