The new JP221 clarinets have been completely redesigned from the ground up. They are made from ABS resin, but have an appearance very similar to that of genuine grenadilla wood and they have a rich dark sound to encourage the less experienced player. 

These models are lightweight, strong and easy to clean - perfect for even very young players. Visually it is very attractive with smart contemporary design silverplated body rings, neat keywork and a graceful bell curve uncluttered by the normal (unnecessary) ring. State of the art engineering has been used. The tone holes are all CNC cut and the tuning scale is very accurate. The silverplated keywork is very strong and precise so it feels good under the fingers and will be reliable for years to come. This clarinet is mounted with double fish skin pads which ensure excellent sealing and longevity.

To maximise comfort, it is equipped as standard with an adjustable thumb rest for correct and comfortable positioning (and a neck strap ring in case a sling is required).

The addition of the Vandoren M30 mouthpiece takes this instrument to a new league where its performance can surpass anything else in the student market. Novices might prefer to use the standard mouthpiece (also supplied) while those already making inroads into the grades will benefit from the sophistication offered by the M30. Broad dynamic and tonal range, ease of play, ready articulation and great stability are the hallmarks of this mouthpiece.

JP221 Bb Clarinet Silver Keys

  • Specifications
    ABS Body - Strong, resonant and lightweight
    Strong silver plated keywork - For durability and longevity
    Accurate tuning scale - For better performance
    Adjustable thumb rest - For increased comfort