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The JP211 flute is the ideal next step for the flautist looking to take their playing to the next level.

The JP111 has established itself as being one of the best value for money student flutes on the market offering a combination of accessible price, good mechanism and high performance.

Building on from this the JP211 takes this a step further by adding French pointed key arms for quicker response and offers a variety of different keywork and footjoint options giving players access to the B foots and open hole combinations usually reserved for more advanced models.

JP211E Flute - E mech, Silver Plated

    • Model: JP211
    • Key: C
    • Headjoint: Silverplate
    • Lip Plate: Silverplate
    • Body: Nickel Alloy Silverplated
    • Foot Joint: C (JP211E, JP211RE), B (JP211RBE)
    • Tone Holes: Extruded
    • Keywork: Closed Hole (JP211E), Open Hole (JP211RE, JP211RBE)
    • Offset G: Yes
    • E Mechanism: Yes
    • Arms: French (Pointed)


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