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The JP131R Dual Bore Bb Trombone is ideal for a player who is looking to make a smooth transition from a medium bore to a larger bore trombone. Well engineered and with just the right 'resistance' the dual bore combined with the 8” bell helps to provide a larger sound. The JP131 also features a rose brass bell as standard ensuring the player stands out from the crowd as well as providing a rich and warm tone.

The JP131 Bb Trombone is unique in offering players an affordable dual bore trombone giving them the opportunity to develop their playing needs. The instrument has gone through rigorous research and development to achieve the perfect balance between quality of sound and robust construction.

  • Model: JP131R
  • Bell Size: Rose Brass 203mm (8")
  • Bore: Dual Bore 12.7/13.3mm (.500"/.525")
  • Water Key: Lever 1
  • Body: Yellow Brass
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Lyre Box: No
  • Mouthpiece: Yes

JP131R Medium Bore Tenor Trombone Bb in Lacquer

  • Specification
    Key: Bb
    Bore: Large Bore (.547")
    Bell: 8.5" Rose Brass Bell
    Slide: Yellow Brass
    Tuning slide: Yellow Brass
    Waterkeys: 1
    Finishes: Lacquer with Rose Brass Bell
    Supplied with: JP Mouthpiece, Lightweight case
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