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The JP011CH gives players maximum flexibility with the inclusion of both a curved and straight headjoint. Younger players can start with the curved headjoint before easily swapping to the straight version when they are ready. This model is a favourite with parents as the two headjoint increase the instruments longevity before an upgrade is required.

The JP011CH shares all the same specifications as the JP011 but also includes an additional curved headjoint enabling younger players to start playing at an earlier age.

The JP011CH has all the features you would expect to find on a good quality student flute. These include an Offset G keywork, which provides a comfortable and ergonomic hand position which can feel more natural for new players.

Other features include a split E mechanism which supports players when playing high E and adds stability to the tone across all registers.

The responsive cut head-joint encourages quicker learning and a more developed sound.

The JP011CH is also slightly lighter in weight when compared to similar student models on the market which can help younger players to hold a good posture for longer periods of time.

  • Model: JP011CH
  • Key: C
  • Keywork: Closed Hole, Y-Arm
  • Toneholes: Extruded
  • Offset G: Yes
  • Split E: Yes
  • Footjoint: C
  • Material: Silver Plated Nickel Silver Alloy
  • Instrument Weight: 0.45Kg (1lb)
  • Weight without case: 1.12Kg (2lb 7oz)

JP011CH Flute C Curved+Straight Head in Silverplate

  • Specifications
    Strong silverplated keywork - For reliability and good appearance
    Novice friendly headjoint design - Promotes easy learning and good sound
    E mechanism - Helps to support top E
    Accurate tuning scale - For better performance
    Additional curved headjoint - For increased comfort, shorter stretch and better balance for smaller players
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