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Gresford, The Miners Hymn composed by Robert Saint.


This is the 3 verse version where the second verse features the Euphoniums as the cornet section is silent, to intensify the warm feeling prior to an increased dynamic in the final verse. There is no written percussion part, to replicate the original version. Adding suitable percussion will futher enhance the dramatic bars and showcase the bands' feeling for the history of the tune.

Includes a full score.


The Gresford disaster on 22 September 1934 at Gresford Colliery when an explosion and underground fire killed 266 men.


Never Forgotten. Through the music of ex-miner Robert Saint.


Original played first in public in 1938 at Durham Miners Gala and is played several times by every brass band at this event every year to this day.


The 3 verse arrangement is more suitable for a concert performance situation.


It is featured in many brass band performances through the year especially in former mining communities.


Gresford, The Miners Hymn - 3 verses

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