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A series of flexible choice of parts to progress beginners through progressing tunes.

Starts with Notes and Rests (no valves needed!), then We Want to be Tothether alittle unison piece - again no valves. Next In Harmony - a unison band tune using 3 notes. Curried!! is the next step - alittle quicker, 5 notes occasional rest and a repeat!

And on we progress through 7 more tunes to peak on a lovely piece incorporating quavers, crotchets etc, rests, repeat and some dynamics in a Dance 

This set includes Score and 1 copy of 18 different parts - Sop, 1 & 2 cornet, Flugel (as 1 Horn), 1 & 2 Horn,1 & 2 Trom/bari, Euph, Eb & Bb bass, Percussion, Flute/Violin, 1 & 2 F Horn, 1 & 2 Trom (BC) and Tuba (BC)

Fancy That for beginners

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