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The Basic set contains everything necessary for supporting playing in a seated position.


Resting on an adjustable coiled spring, the trombone floats lightly from the centre of gravity. You can turn the instrument smoothly in any direction while you play. It offers a light and sensitive playing experience and encourages a good performance posture.

The ERGObone also promotes better management of breath.

A fastener is attached near the cente of gravity of the trombone and it joins a monopod either standing on the chair.


As an extra, or included in the Full Set is a comfortable harness - similar to other wind instrument harnesses - designed to carry the support rod for playing when standing or marching.

The support rod is 340 mm long and 7 m thick stainless steel bar. It has a small disc, which can be moved up and down along the rod and quickly locked by tightening the screw wheel at any point on the rod. With this lock you can adjust the desired height that the trombone floats.

Play sitting, play standing - either way it is always comfortable because your arms, hands and back are relaxed as the weight of the horn is transmitted to the chair or through the harness to your shoulders like a back pack!

Great for childrenand young players as the ERGObone system automatically holds the player in a good supportive posture.

The ERGObone support prevents children from bending into those typical wrong postures when they're trying to hold the trombone in the right position for playing. With the ERGObone support a young child can play a trombone while very confortable.

On 6th August 2012 Sam of Oxford made the following statement in an email to me- "

"Hi Brian
I am very pleased with the ergobone I really would not be able to play without it. It has been a lifesaver and i have adapted to it very quickly.
Best wishes
Sam really was faced with giving up playing before trying the ERGObone just a few months earlier.

25 August 2012, Today there was a very special moment at the Land O Burns Contest, Troon. I talked with a real gentleman who has a high level left arm amputation and with a prosthetic limb is still playing his tombone.

ERGObone Trombone - Basic Set Black

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