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The ERGObrass trumpet support automatically holds the horn player in a good, supportive playing posture. Now the back is better aligned, the body feels relaxed, and playing is easier. Tension disappears from the hands and fingers. You have a sensitive connection with your instrument.

Resting on an adjustable coiled spring, the horn floats lightly on the centre of gravity. You can turn the instrument smoothly in any direction while you play.

By helping to prevent excessive pressure on the lips, and by promoting correct breathing patterns, the ERGObrass offers a light and responsive playing experience.

The ERGObrass is quick and easy to attach.

Only a squick attaching fastener remains on the horn when not in use. The support rod is easily secured. This enables a very flexible connection between the horn and the support. The support is secured when playing so that the horn can be moved about easily, even with the rod attached.

To play standing up, you put the support tube in a special belt holster. To play sitting down you can support the tube on the chair between your legs.

Play sitting or play standing. Either way you're always comfortable because your arms, hands and back are relaxed, as the weight of the instrument is transmitted to the chair or through the belt to your legs.

The ERGObrass support also prevents children bending into those typical wrong postures when they're trying to cope with the weight of a Trumpet. With the ERGObrass support even a young child can play a normal sized trumpet and remain very comfortable.

ERGObrass Trumpet (New Fixing)

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