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A descriptive piece looking at the life and landscape of Weardale in County Durham. Commissioned by Stanhope Silver Band.
Has been considered for 4th Section National Test Piece. With many changes in time signature and an abundance of sharps this will keep players concentrating longer.
Moving opening of River Mist and Weardale Dawn. The Bonnie Moor Hen and Miners of Weardale increase the tempo to get us going to the Sulky Fair until we reach the Beer Tent. A brief revisit from the Weardale Miners melody before a thinly scored view of a River Nocturne allows several sections to pass the feature around. The final section Roundabouts depicts the fun fair where the brisk melody is tossed round the band as volumes increase to an exciting last bar.

A Weardale Portrait

  • Traditional Brass band formation.
    Has 3 percussion parts featuring Pedal Timps, Susp Cynbal, Crash Cmbol, Xylophone, Snare Drum, Tanbourine, Hand Bell, Tam Tam, Glock, Bass Drum.
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