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Music For Jock Tamson, Alan Fernie

Scottish Dances Set 2

 An original suite in three movements :

01. Nyah Fearties !
02. Inchkeith
03. Wha's Like Us ?

This work was one of twelve works commissioned by the Scottish Brass Band Association and Funded by Creative Scotland Targeted Fund - 2021

to aid Covid Recovery and support composers in Scotland.

Four eminent Scottish composers were each commissioned to write three works - all at different levels of difficulty and styles.

The four composers are :
Gareth Bowman
Alan Fernie
Cameron Mabon
Iain Mundy

 JOCK TAMSON - a Scottish name explained.......
The phrase more often occurs in an extended form: We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns. This is interpreted in a metaphorical sense as a statement of egalitarian sentiments equivalent to "we're all the same under the skin" or "we are all God's children".

Music For Jock Tamson, A Fernie

Expected to ship in 3 weeks
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