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Here’s how Sax Support Stand works?
The Sax Support Sax Stand transfers the weight to the floor, by attaching the support rod to the saxophone you remove the pressure from the neck and back. The Sax Support should always be attached to the Saxophone neck strap.
In 5 easy steps you are ready to take on the world pain free!

The advantages of the Sax Support Stand are:
1. Weighs only 240gms.
2. Is multi adjustable in height (can be played seated, on a bar stool or in a standing position)
3. When wrapped in cloth stores easily in the bell of your saxophone.
4. Fits Alto & Tenor Sax. In the case of Alto & Tenor the 50mm tape is fixed to the side of the instrument. Refer to Alto Fit Page.
5. Needs no alteration to your Sax Case.
6. Fits on most Sax Stands.
7. Corrects bad posture.
8. Has no effect on tone production.
9. Kit contains two 50mm. strips the second one is a spare or for use on a Tenor Sax
After playing Baritone Sax for over 15 years, doing three and four hour gigs I didn't realise how much pain I was getting in my neck and back.
A year of research, trial and error has produced an inexpensive, light, easy to use, simple design.

Sax Support Stand

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