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All proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to Medicins Sans Frontier to assisy their work with Refugees in Ukraine, the neighbouring countries and their work worldwide.


Mykola Lysenko (1842 - 1912) was a Ukranian composer and regarded as the founder of the national composers school. His Ukrainophilic approach to composition was not supported by the Russian Imperial Music Society which promoted a Great Russian cultural presence in Ukraine. As a result, Lysenko severed his relationship with them, never to compose any music set to the Russian language, nor allow any translations of his works into the Russian language.


His 1885 choral setting of a patriotic poem by Oleksandr Konysky, originally intended for a children's choir, became known internationally as Prayer for Ukraine, a spiritual hymn of Ukraine.


The Prayer for Ukraine has been orcesrated for Brass Band by Andreas Wetterlund - this arrangement was completed in February 2022.


Please ensure your printer is set to PRINT BOTH SIDES or your MD won't be impressed!


The parts included are:-

Soprano Cornet

 Solo Cornet (4 no)

Repianio Cornet

2nd Cornet (2 no)

3rd Cornet (2 no)

Solo Tenor Horn

Tenor Horn 1

Tenor Horn 2

Baritone 1 (TC & BC)

Baritone 2 (TC & BC)

Trombone 1 (TC & BC)

Trombone 2 (TC & BC)

Bass Trombone (TC & BC)

Euphonium (2 no) (TC & BC)

Bass in Eb (2 no) (TC & BC)

Bass ib Bb (2 no) (TC & BC)



Snare Drum

Susp. Cy. & Base Drum



Prayer For Ukraine, Hymn for Brass Band

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