This sturdy mouthpiece pouch stores three euphonium or trombone mouthpieces in total safety, keeping them secure if dropped and preventing them from clunking into each other. It is ideal for trombone players who double on different instruments such as jazz and classical trombone, alto trombone, bass trumpet, euphonium or bass trombone, and need to use multiple mouthpieces. It is also perfect for euphonium players who like to use different mouthpieces for different occasions. The bag is thickly cushioned to provide protection to the mouthpieces if dropped, has a soft, non-abrasive lining to prevent any scratching, and a velcro fastening for closure. This sturdy bag is great value and comes supplied with belt-loops to give instant access to your mouthpieces. 

Mouthpiece pouch for 3 Trom/Euph mouthpieces