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The newly developed Flugel Horn mouthpieces were created with the same principles of all K&G designs. There is a range of 2 different rim diameters and two cup sizes, thus enabling the player to benefit from all the different playing characteristics. The Flugel Horn K&G mouthpiece has the same Rim profile and inner diameter as our Cornet and Trumpet mouthpiece designs.

The C cup is the standard cup for the Flugel horn and it is the same cup as the C cornet design. It has a medium depth cup which provides a sweet mellow sound whilst retaining great clarity and flexibility.

The D cup is deeper in shape and offers a dark sound with a deeper tone, excellent projection and control. The bore of the D cup is more open but it still retains its pitch stability and remains consistent in all registers. The characteristics and openness of the sound gives this mouthpiece great playability with an excellent lower register.

The New E cup features the same cup as the D Cup followed with a C Cup bore. This combination allows a velvet sound timbre with excellent projection and control. Whilst giving greater clarity, the new bore for the E cup produces more defined attacks in all registers.

K&G Flugel Mouthpiece 2E Silver Large 17 mm dia, Deep

  • Rim inside diameter - 16.5mm. Medium Deep

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