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JP171MKII (SW) Designed with students in mind and featuring mobile 1st and 3rd valve slides and third valve water key. Now has a Smith Watkins design Leadpipe. Excellent performance and build quality. Simply stunning!

JP171SW Cornet Bb - choose finish

  • The JP171SW and JP271SW models differ by the addition of the triggers on the 271SW as well as a one piece yellow brass bell instead of a 2 piece rose brass bell on the JP171SW.

    Medium large bore - Good resistance
    Smith-Watkins designed leadpipe - Professional feature adding good resistance and easy articulation
    3rd valve slide water key - To remove water effectively and avoid blockages
    High tolerance monel valves - For reliability and smooth action
    Lyre box - For use when marching
    Rose brass bell and leadpipe - For A warm sonorous tone
    Mobile 1st & 3rd valve slides - For tuning accuracy
    Lacquer finish
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