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Gospel Tune Arranged by Jacob Vilhelm Larsen.

One of the most popular traditional gospel tunes and it has been performed in numerous versions. This version is specially arranged for Allan Withington and the Stavanger Brass Band for the 2010 Siddis program "Bach and Beyond". All 4 basses are featured in a little solo line and the "Mr Hammond" section features all cornets.

Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

  • Parts for: Soprano Eb Cornet: Solo Cornet: Repiano Cornet: 2nd Cornet: 3rd Cornet: Flugelhorn: Solo Eb Horn: 1st Eb Horn: 2nd Eb Horn: 1st Baritone: 2nd Baritone: 1st Bb Trombone: 2 Bb Trombone: Bass Trombone: Bb Euphonium: Eb Bass: Bb Bass: Drum kit: Percussion (Aux): Marimba (vibraphone):

    Difficulty Gading 5 (from 0 easiest to 6 hardest)
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