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30" W X 31" D X 49" H
Black/varnish wood cajon
Non-slip rubber feet for extra grip
Includes a black padded carry bag
Perfect for all levels of players

Cajon 144

  • Ideal for acoustic gigs or jam sessions where a full kit would be too excessive. The player sits astride the Cajon, and strikes and slaps at the back and sides with their hands to create different percussive sounds. Tilting the box at an angle while playing will also change the tone and timbre, while interior snares add extra 'snap' effects.

    Measuring 49cm x 31cm x 30cm, and with non-slip rubber feet for extra grip, this Performance Percussion PP144 Cajon is a black/ varnish Wood Cajon with snare and rosette, and comes complete with a padded carry bag.